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At Pueblo Bonito, on the main strip of beach in Cabo San Lucas, the pool features a great view of Los Arcos:

Pueblo Bonito Cabo View

You can have a drink or lunch in your swim suit and watch all the boats make their way around the tip of the popular rock formation. Or, you can come out in the morning (December through April)  and you might spot some whales frolicking in the surf.

The resort is on the main strip of beach in Cabo San Lucas. It’s a pretty standard Cabo-on-the-beach resort, but with a Mediterranean style: Blue tile domed-capped towers, white washed walls ala Greece meets the Sea of Cortez.


The deep blue tiles scream “cool,” especially on a hot Cabo afternoon. There are rock formations, waterfalls and even a mini island at the pool’s center (of course it was closed when we there).

The bar isn’t swim-up but it is right there, near in the thick of things, well-stocked and open air. The property is lush, with gardens lining the steps down to the beach.

Pueblo Bonito Cabo Pool

It’s upscale without being over the top. A relaxing, vacation atmosphere. No loud music. Not a ton of kids (though there were a few) but just the tiniest portion of party thrown in, because, it is Cabo, after  all.


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