These aren’t all hotel pools but many of them are—some of them mentioned or soon to be mentioned on this site before. But it’s a nice summary in the Atlantic about the growing trend of cantilevered or suspended pools. And I’m glad it points out which images are renderings for pools yet to be built and which are the real deal. I’ve been seeing that Dubai high rise with water balconies everywhere. Looks cool, but let me know when it’s actually built. Then I will be impressed.


Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Travel Section is doing a series on “Cool Pool Parties.” You know, hipster scenes with poolside DJs, cabanas, bottle service. Part 1 is on Los Angeles, and then they did Vegas and Palm Springs. Scottsdale comes next. Maybe it’s all you need to know to be in the know on the hipster pool scene. But then again if you really are in the know on the pool scene, do you want the LA Times knowing about it? Stay tuned for Reader Photos on the Ace hotel mentioned in the Palm Springs entry.


Trump International

Here is a Forbes Magazine “Hotel of the Day” review of Trump International Beach Resort in Florida (on Sunny Isles Beach, between Miami and Fort Lauderdale). The pool is of particular interest as, reviewer Morgan Lord says:

” The pool and beach scene set this hotel apart. Spend the day lounging in a private cabana (poolside or beachside)—equipped with air-conditioning, TVs, bathrooms and showers, as well as butler service.”

Really, butler service in an air conditioned cabana? This one is now on my Dream Pools list.

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