I linked to this over on Facebook, but I think it merits a full post. This place looks awesome!

Citta Del Mar is an all-inclusive resort on the northwest coast of Sicily. It claims to be the largest hotel village in all of Sicily, and the photos make it look pretty darn big. The property has several pools—an Olympic-sized main pool that overlooks the Gulf of Castellammare and two smaller, more typical hotel pools. Then, what they call the “Waterslides Toboggan” is what all the photos are of—3 pools carved into the side of the cliffs, linked by slides, leading down to the Mediterranean. O.M.G. (Yeah, I could have just said “ocean” or “sea” but doesn’t “Mediterranean” just makes it sound that much more awesome?)

If it makes you feel any better, the Trip Advisor reviews warn that while the slides are awesome and it’s a great place for families, it has been a while since the resort had an upgrade. Prices start around $100 per night for a standard room. The location is prime and the views are supposed to be amazing.

Love the bathing suit on that guy in the bottom photo. So European. 

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