Hotel Swimming Pools reader Wendi, just got back from the Embassy Suites at Mandalay Beach, in Oxnard California. Not related in any way to Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, the Embassy Suites in Oxnard is an all-suite, beachfront resort about halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

While room rates for this Embassy Suites are on the high side for the chain (starting as low as $280 per night with discounts and going up from there for ocean views and bigger rooms) , it would be tough to find a better deal on a Southern California beachfront property. The views are stunning, the beach is beautiful and according to Wendi, the pool is perfect.

“We meet the same group of friends here every summer and we always have a great time. We hang out  at the beach just a short walk from the pool. Then we go back and forth between the pool and the beach.”

“It’s a really big pool with these little hidden areas all around. We love this little shower tucked into a cave. There’s also a hot tub tucked into a cave area. It’s a big enough pool that we’re never bothered by loud kids or anything. There is plenty of room for everyone.

“On weekends they barbecue out by the pool and there is a steel drum. It’s definitely festive. We’ve been going there since our kids were little–now they are grown-ups and they still like it. The area around the harbor is getting more and more built up with restaurants and bars within walking distance. We cant’ wait to go back next year.”

The photos above are from the resort. These below are from Wendi.



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