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Really, another hotel pool worth checking out in Utah? Sorry, Utah, I’ve got nothing against you. But I’m sort of surprised to be drooling over another Utah hotel pool. And this one is definitely drool-worthy.

 Amangiri is a small, suite-only hotel near Lake Powell in Utah (just a few miles from the Arizona border). It’s sleek, modern and at the heart of Navajo country, flanked by high desert views with rock formations and rocky canyons—your average, run-of-the-mill breathtaking geology. Doubles starts at $1,050. Steeper than the cliffs you’re gazing upon, I know. But…they include yoga classes, a guided hike each day of your visit and use of the Water Pavilion at the spa. Whatever that means.

The pool curves around a giant sandstone rock. Kids are welcome and water toys are supplied upon request. But somehow I don’t think if I were forking over the grand-plus for this meditative-style getaway, I’d want the Rugrats—as charming as they can be— messing with my tranquility vibe.

Here’s what the review on the website has to say about it:

“Amangiri is a resort of concrete geometric planes. They stand out against the swerving shoulders of rock all around, but still seem perfectly suited to the setting. The concrete has been subtly tinted with pink, ochre, and light yellow, among the dominant hues in the surrounding cliffs, to soften its profile. The architects deftly used the geometry, often slanting walls toward each other to provide ‘slot canyon’ views of the desert and mesa. When they could, they also used the setting to great advantage, for example, curving the pool around a muscular bullnose outcrop of rock.”

Also, rooms with private pools are available—the bigger the room, the bigger pool. That’s what I always say.

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