This is from the Playa de la Luz Hotel, in Spain. The card looks old and vintagey, but the postmark reads 1984. About 30 year agos….not sure that qualifies as vintage? But don’t you love how huge it is? And the Spanish tile rooftops, the European bathers, those striped umbrellas? Delightful.Vintage Postcard Hotel Playa De La LUz

The property is still around and seems to have kept up with the times quite nicely. It’s right there by the sea, in Cadiz. An overview shot from their website has us salivating:

Playa de la LuzAnd the current pool…not all that different from the postcard, really: PoolatDeLaLuz

And in case you are interested, here’s the back of the card:


Dear Dad & Diane,
Donna and I are over here in Spain right now on vacation. We spent our first nite (?) in England and 2 in Sicicly. Now, we’re just relaxing. Donna is anxious to do a lot of shopping. Need to bring home a lot of gifts. Thinking of you, Spook and Donna

Thinking of YOU Spook. Thanks for the memory.

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