The pool’s not really the thing at the Cabo Westin. Nothing against the pool of course—it’s beautiful and sits along the sea in a series of curves and half circles, with jaw-dropping views of the surf, the whales (in season) and the general Cabo atmosphere. There’s a family pool with plenty of splashy kids and then there’s an adults-only pool with a a swim-up bar with a TV overhead, perfect for game watching. I may or may not speak from experience when I tell you that if your team wins while you happen to be half submerged on an underwater bar stool with your beloved, sampling different types of high-end tequila on a temperate Thursday afternoon in late March, you’re probably going to be feeling pretty good.

But you might find yourself spending a fair amount of time out of the pool, admiring the architecture more than the swim. Famed Mexican architect, Javier Sordo Madaleno designed the property in his colorful modern Bauhaus/ Le Corbusier style. Huge blocks of shocking color like bright yellow and pink complement the big sky, the Sea of Cortez and the surrounding mountains. It’s all very colorful, bold and modern yet you can see the surf from almost everywhere on the property. Guests come to relax and enjoy the fiesta and end up invigorated by the creative spirit, the stunning views and the strategic cutouts designed to make those views all the more breathtaking.

The architecture incorporates water pockets, not meant for swimming, so you might be confused at first and not want to swim for fear of making a fool of yourself by wading into a water feature. But then again, it’s often warm and dry in Los Cabos, and the lobby is a long windy walk uphill. So you may end up figuring it out and chilling out by the pool for more of your visit than you intend. Quite honestly, no one is really going to care.

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