Photo: Sofitel


We love this expose from on hotel fakeouts. This teensy pool crop is pretty sneaky, and this one is too. And hey, Sofitel, a lot of people would love to erase Macy’s from the face of the earth, but this isn’t how to do it. Or maybe it is?

We’re still in love with those vintage pool postcards from LAist that we re-posted a few weeks ago. So in love with them that we started looking for more. Check out this one...(second post down, under the cool UP house)..and this one…and these too.

We love this slideshow of all the Room With A View photos Travel + Leisure has ever published. There are over 300 spectacular photos (a few with pools) but you’ll probably find it’s like a book you truly love, or a box of Sees candy—you’ll try to go slow and savor them but end up finishing the whole lot in a single marathon sitting. For us it was like a mini-vacation, without ever having to leave the comfort (ahem) of our cubicle.


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