Maybe because it’s cold in Los Angeles and we already spent a week in paradise where the weather wasn’t quite as cooperative as expected, today we’re fixated on indoor pools, where natural climate gets no say in the matter. And while we’re dreaming, why not throw in historical glamour and that whole Paris-in-the-20’s grandeur thing?

The Pool at the Ritz, Paris.

The Pool at the Ritz, Paris

According to Wikipedia, the Ritz has the largest pool of all the Parisian hotel palaces: 1,700 square meters (18,000 sq ft). The hotel website boasts “the finest indoor pool in Paris,” and I doubt anyone would argue. Inspired by ancient Roman and Greek baths, it features reliefs on the ceilings and frescoes on the walls; intricate tile mosaics on the deck and in the water. It’s part of the Ritz’s Health Club and I can’t imagine feeling anything but healthy, relaxed and grand, taking a dip, lounging on a chaise, sitting poolside at The Ritz.

And since they’re calling it a palace, it probably should be included in our Hotel Swimming Pool castle entry here.

But alas, not only is it far, expensive (1000 Euros per night!) and impractical, it’s also closed for renovation, set to reopen in the summer of 2014.  Our wish for this Wednesday: We hope they don’t spoil that pool!


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