Who knew, that the world’s deepest Geo-Thermal Hot Spring is in a town called Pagosa, Colorado? We definitely love us some Hot Springs here at Hotel Swimming Pools. This one is about an hour’s drive from Durango and 3 hours from Santa Fe, New Mexico. There are three hotels that take advantage of the rich, mineral-laden waters of the spring (believed to be first discovered for the healing properties by Native Americans).

The best option looks like The Springs Resort & Spa. Terraced to overlook the San Juan River, The Springs has 23 pools at multiple temperatures, ranging from 83 to 114 degrees F. Five are designated for adults only. But don’t worry, swim attire is mandatory. And as you can see from the dated photos, you don’t even need to have very stylish swim attire at that.

All Photos: Springs Resort & Spa


This is a serious operation, with 2 full time employees dedicated to the upkeep of the pools. And they are all named: “The Cliffs” is a secluded pool nestled beneath cliff formations. “The Crick Pool” (a waterfall, stream-fed pool ) and “The Burg”  are anchored to the banks of the river and mix with the cold mountain run-off.

A large geothermal swimming pool with lap lanes and a 15 ft x 15 ft Jacuzzi (95 degrees F) sits in the center of an expansive deck, surrounded by umbrellas and lounge chairs. They even offer traditional hotel pool features like big screen movie viewing during the warm weather months. The Resort has 79 rooms, including some in a recently renovated building and prices are reasonable. There are ski and soak packages that take advantage of the local ski area. Or, you can get a day pass and enjoy the soak without even staying over night.

We can’t say we will be in these parts anytime soon. But this place is almost worth a visit on it’s own. Even looks fun in winter! Brrr.

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