Our pool party correspondent and “resident twenty-something hipster A” is on a 4-month hiatus in Hawaii. You may remember this review of hers, or this one. No, she isn’t just kicking back and reviewing pool parties in paradise (though there may be some of that)—mostly she’s working on an organic farm, earning her keep in the fields and learning some new skills. But before starting all that callus-building, muscle-aching fun, she checked into The Modern Honolulu for one last splash.

Here’s what she said about the pools at the Modern:

“They have two pools: The Sunrise pool is small with a wood deck, upholstered lounges and these lime-green picnic tables. There are trees and plants. It’s lush and very casual, elegant. The whole hotel smells like gardenias from the moment you walk in!

The Sunset Pool for adults only  is in the middle of all these plants and comfy daybeds. It’s casual but really nice, with an exotic feel, like Morocco. The pools are near the marina where people keep small boats. They’re very dreamy, lit by lanterns at night. Fairy tale-ish. They’re really small though. The main pool is like a size 2 at the Gap and the Adult pool is size 0.

Overall everything is really NICE. It’s pretty hip and fun. Every room comes with a ukelele in it. At the pool everyone is ultra glam in a we’re-so-hip-we-don’t-even-need-to-be-fully-immersed-in-water-to-cool-off kind of way.

It might not be the best place to bring kids–there were a few when I was there and I’m sure the place was very friendly, but it feels more like a calm and elegant scene. The kids might get bored.”

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