Reader Bill and his family went to the Grand Lakes  JW Mariott  in Orlando this summer and had a blast. He’s got 3 kids under 10 and the whole family loved the lazy river, the rocky cliffs. Here’s Bill’s photo of the lazy river. I think it sums up the Dad-on-vacation vibe quite nicely:

And here’s his overhead shot of the resort:

Bill says: “The lazy river winds around the pool area. There are 3 or 4 pools all connected, with amazing staff to bring you all the food and drinks you need. Keep an eye on your floatie, ours was snatched twice. They have Sharpies to write your name on them, but I guess teenage boys can’t read so well these days.”

He also reports: ” If you need to escape the teens and tweens, the Ritz Carlton pool is a short walk and guests can use either facility.”

Nice perk (and do you think might be just a little bitter toward teenagers or what? I’m guessing that having two daughters might be part of that). Regardless, here’s his proof of the calm, relaxed vibe at the Ritz-Carlton:

He also says they have tons of kid activities at the Marriott, including movies, s’mores and nice music during the day. They have a giant chess board and bocce ball, along with kids clubs and early-park admission programs if you are visiting the local theme parks.

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