Hotel Mas de Torrent is a beautiful property in the Spanish countryside in the Emporda region or Costa Brava. About 90 minutes from Barcelona, the hotel is actually a restored 18th-centruy farmhouse. The rooms are spread out around the property–39 in the main farmhouse building and another 20 or so in the modern garden buildings. Everything has been updated, without sacrificing the pastoral vibe.

Their is a state-of-the-art spa on a hill behind the main house. It features four treatment rooms, a sun terrace, a hammam bath, a sauna, a hydrotherapy treatment area, a relaxation room and, best of all— a large heated pool.

Isn’t this beautiful:

Mas de Torent, Spain

There’s also an outdoor pool as well:

Hotel Mas De Torrent, Spain

Hotel Mas De Torrent, Spain

Hotel Mas de Torrent, Spain

Funny how much the climate, the mountains, the bougenvila, the tile—the whole feel of the place reminds me of Southern California.  I think it’s supposed to be the other way around, right?

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