Holiday Inn Fargo Indoor Pool

Nothing against Holiday Inn, but they aren’t usually the properties where one expects to find amazing hotel swimming pools. But not only is the Holiday Inn of Fargo a hotel with an indoor pool, it’s also got a pirate ship feature with 5 water slides! We would almost crown this the best Holiday Inn hotel pool anywhere, if it weren’t for this place giving it a run for it’s money.

And, if the fact that they went all the way with the indoor park weren’t impressive enough, they just sank $2 million into a renovation project that included replacing the pirate ship (Treasure Hunter II), and adding even more kid-friendly features to the pool area. There’s a bigger hot tub, new decking and a new bar area too.

Kudos, Holiday Inn of Fargo! We often see properties start out with great intentions when it comes to pools, but it’s pretty rare to see such a large-scale renovation for a property like this.

Go Fargo! CLick for more East Coast Hotel Pool Reviews.

Holiday Inn Fargo

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