Photo: Holiday Inn

Check this out. The article asks if this is the scariest hotel pool you’ve ever seen. Really? We’d have no problem checking that out. It’s at the Holiday Inn, Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao and  I guess the property is billing it as somewhat of a thrill ride:

” If you are brave enough, Cantilever Indoor Swimming Pool will make your swim twenty four floors above the ground with nothing but a glass bottom underneath a unique experience.”
I’d don’t know if that’s the angle I would take. If the building is structurally sound, why would we be afraid to swim there? If it were my pool, I don’t think I would be going for that daredevil sell. It’s cool nevertheless and it looks like the rest of the pool is nice too, with an indoor portion and pretty sweet views of the city.
The Pinterest crowd is loving the photo above–shot from the ground, of the swimmer with the airplane overhead. Do you think the photographer actually waited around to get that shot? I think it’s Photoshop, which makes it slightly less cool.
Rooms for a night in early September start at $100 per night and go up to several hundred. If you’re going to be in Shanghai, please stop by and tell us what it’s like.

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