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Photo: Ubud Hanging Gardens

Photo: Ubud Hanging Gardens

These shots are way too good not to share.

Ubud Hanging Gardens is an Orient-Express property in Bali that takes hanging to an entire new level. The curved infinity-edge pool is set on two levels, perched over the rain forest and surrounded by lounge chairs for soaking up what looks like must be some pretty incredible views of the Balinese jungle. I believe there are rope ladders leading into and out of the pool.

As if that weren’t enough, when you get tired of the main infinity pool, all rooms and suites have their own individual horizon-edge pool as well. That’s a whole lot of infinity, right?

Rooms start around $450 per night and go up to twice that, and the whole place is pretty over-the-top luxurious. The rate includes extras like breakfasts, a massage, the use of mountain bikes, yoga classes, guided hikes. It’s Bali. You’re going to be relaxed and spoiled while enjoying the scenery.

While the resort says kids are welcome, I don’t know how anyone would be able to relax with little ones hanging over that infinity edge. I know an 11-year-old boy who would probably require physical restraints to keep him from trying to jump from that top pool down to the bottom.

When it comes to personal travel, I usually book on my own. But if I were going to do something like this, I’d probably want to use a travel agent. Drop me an email if you need a recommendation. Cannonball @ hotelswimmingpools.com We know some good ones.

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