The  pool at Aulani is already supposed to be spectacular. We’ll be there in December and don’t think you won’t get a full-on, photo-filled gushing (we hope) report. But there are plans to make it even better! Guess that means we’ll have to go twice.

I know we are totally tardy to the party here, and they aren’t all hotel pools, but how beautiful is this Google map art? WANT.

Does anyone but us watch Million Dollar Listing on Bravo? Yes, it’s horribly insipid and there is one particular realtor on the show that bugs me exponentially more than anyone has ever bugged me before. Not an exaggeration. While watching the show, I make this point known over and over again  (sorry sweetie!). But it turns out, according to this, said realtor, is somewhat of a hotel pools kindred spirit (did I really just admit that?). Oh no!


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