Just back from a work trip to Sandos Cancun,  an all-inclusive on the main strip of hotels in Cancun. The last time I was at an all-incluvise in Cancun, I somehow ended up at Spring Break Central where bathing suit clad-waiters serving jello shots in the pool and loud guys arguing incoherently was not uncommon. Nor was it my thing.

This time I enjoyed much more of the upscale, relaxation-Cancun, with very little of the party scene. Sandos divides its properties across Mexico into three types—eco-focused, beach-focused, and luxury hotels. Sandos Cancun is one of their luxury spots, specializing in food and culture.

The Sandos pool is actually three infinity pools stacked on top of each other, steping down gently toward the ocean, alongside the beach. I loved the way the colors complimented each other in bands of blue—first the sparkly tiled pool, then the Caribbean, and last the sky. Lots of things stacking up in threes here.

There are plenty of white canvas-walled cabanas with swinging, hammock-style platform beds—both on the beach and poolside, and lots of umbrellas and lounge chairs.

The pool was relaxed and fun, not particularly empty but never crowded. We were with a big group and when ten or fifteen of us took over one of the levels of infinity, there was still plenty of room to spare. (I would say there was infinite room to spare with the infinity pools and all..but it has to stop somewhere!) We borrowed a football and had a lively game in the water.

Later I spotted an empty cabana and read in one of the hammocks. The waiter came and brought me a drink and asked if I wanted a snack. It’s an all-inclusive, including poolside, but that didn’t mean there was a lack of service.

The kids club has its own pool and the place is family friendly enough, though it’s not one of those family-factory places. Kids who are okay not being around a ton of other kids would be happiest. I saw a handful of toddlers and babies splashing about so it’s not like it isn’t a family destination. It just probably isn’t the best place for bored teenagers or video-game addicted tweens.There’s a really nice poolside fire pit with chairs around it, near the bar, for evening lounging (no jello shots though). And there is a big gym that overlooks that the pool, and a pretty extensive spa. Overall not a bad place to have to go for business. Next time I might even bring the family. If I can tear them away from the PS-3 controllers.

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