Credit: Shapiro

Credit: Shapiro

THE GOLDEN NUGGET is currently at the top of our hotel pool wish list. Smack in the middle of this famous old-school downtown Las Vegas casino is The Tank. It’s a $30 million complex featuring a three-story waterslide, 15 private cabanas and a shark tank. Yes, I just said SHARK TANK. That you waterslide through. It’s a clear tube that snakes down several levels, through the shark and fish-filled tank and into the pool. I wonder, do you even see the sharks as you slide by or are you going too fast to notice? What if a shark is swimming right at you as you slide by? These are the questions my kids and I want answered. Soon.

We were at the Casino in December (they still have Keno in the coffee shops at The Golden Nugget. Who doesn’t love to gamble while eating pancakes for dinner?), but the pool was closed for the season. We wandered into the courtyard and gawked along with plenty of other casino-goers. I’ll bet it gets crowded in summer. They also have a more secluded pool area on the third floor of The Tank, accessible to hotel guests only.


Stay tuned for a review this summer. If we make it out of the shark tank alive…bahhhaa.

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