Travel + Leisure Top 10 Hotel Swimming Pool Views
Check out this list from January, 2008 from Travel + Leisure. It’s a pretty cool slide show of pool views. The one in Africa where you can see antelope and zebra while taking a dip is spectacular. Los Angeles Downtown Standard, not so much.


Credit: Park Hyatt

Forbes World’s Best Hotel Swimming Pools
I’m not sure these really are the best—there are a couple in L.A. we will try to check out. The Banyan Tree, Seychelles (how do you say that? Sea Shells?) comes up a lot. It seems pretty cool but also quite small. Not that we wouldn’t visit if given the chance…

ABC News / Travel Best Hotel Swimming Pools for Kids
Again, it’s definitely hard to figure out why these are the only locations included, but there are some good ones and they are all definitely family-focused. A Holiday Inn in Ohio is included for it’s water park–looks pretty cool but I’m not sure it’s better than Splashtopia at Rancho Las Palmas in Palm Springs (review to come).

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