We know what you’re saying. Another round-up of Hotel Swimming Pools in Florida? Enough already, right? We just ran one last week. But this one, from “The World of DeeJ” blog will be really helpful if you’re trying to decide where to stay in Orlando.

A lot of these Top 10 (or other number) round-ups seem to be written from afar—based on the great photos the Conde Nast editor found, taken from well-written press releases, or are really just a way to show off flashy gimmicks or innovative-sounding pool offerings. These kinds of lists are often about the hotel pools that sound or look cool, but aren’t based on actual first-hand knowledge or seasoned opinion.

DeeJ however, holds a special place in our Hotel Swimming Pool heart. He’s an actual guy / travel blogger with first-hand knowledge of all the properties on his list, and wants to share what he knows. Thanks, DeeJ. We appreciate it.

This is the one we most want to check out:

Photo: Hyatt Grand Cypress

Photo: Hyatt Grand Cypress



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