Reader Lily sent us these photo from Lifestyle Holidays resort in the Dominican Republic.


It’s an all-incluvise resort with several different levels of service. If you go for the VIP package, you get to use the pool shown above, which features a mini island in the middle of it. There are stairs down (from the hookah / vodka bar), onto the lounging area at the center.

“You could climb up to it, or take the stairs, lounge a while and then  jump off the island and into the pool,” Lily said.  “The whole pool is surrounded by sand, and there were hammocks and beds everywhere.”

The pool is lined with lounging areas and shady cabanas, and is right near the beach. Plus it’s got a sandy-bottom entry and service is included. There are 8 or 9 other pools on the property, but according to Lily, this VIP pool was most definitely the best. “The whole place feels like a travel brochure, only it’s real.”

See below for photos from the resort. Looks pretty nice. And maybe even worth the time share pitch.

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