The Pool at The Brando
It’s Wednesday and we’re dreaming of vanilla-scented air and clear blue water; velvety soft sand and the sound of the wind rustling the banana trees.

We were in Tahiti a few years ago and actually got to fly over the small privately owned atoll, Tetiaroa, where Marlon Brando once decamped to get away from it all. His dream for his legacy was an earth-friendly, low-carbon-footprint and over-the-top luxurious resort where you could get away from it all, experience the beauty of the French Polynesian islands without spoiling the beauty.

The Brando Pool

On our flyover, the place was still being built. It’s actually 12 small islands around a large, beautiful lagoon. It’s been open since June of 2014 and the beachside infinity pool looks spectacular. And with only 35 private guest villas (each with private outdoor bathtubs; the larger villas with their own plunge pools), this isn’t one of those bait-and-switch kind of photos where what they show on their website is empty and pristine and when you get there it’s teeming with screaming kids and throngs of swimmers. I think that when I get here, it’s going to look a lot like this.

The Brando Pool

We wish! (All photos courtesy of The Brando).

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