Really? We’re all sick of the Top 10 Hotel Pool lists that flood the internet come August, but we expected more from The Huffington Post.  They recently published their list of the Top 10 hottest hotel pools and they’re all the expected picks. Nary an original photo or first-hand account in sight. Huff-Po, have you even been to any of these pools? We expect this kind of thing from the more amateur sites out there trying desperately to increase click rates, but we know you can do better.

You tried with this piece, Andrew Harper’s: 16 hotel pools with a view features a whole bunch of properties we haven’t seen before. It’s definitely drool-worthy, though we wish you included some first-hand accounts. This is getting closer to really impressing us.

And then here it is: a piece on historic hotel pools. Awesome. Wildflower Hall in the Himalayas? Wow. And the subterranean spa in Barcelona (Hotel 1898)?

Hotel 1898, Barcelona, Spain

You piqued our interest enough for us to do some of our own research on this one. They have a rooftop pool too, pictured below.

Hotel 1898, Barcelona, Spain

Please keep taking your meds and give us to this kind of thing in the future! Thanks.


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