With all the “10 Best Hotel Swimming Pools in the World” or “The 10 Best  Pool Views” and other  hotel-pool-related lists circulating all the time, we should all be experts by now, right? If you have looked at as many hotel pool photos as we have, you should have no problem acing this quiz!

Name the pool pictured. All of them are pretty well-known and appear on lists or are much-talked about. We don’t imagine this will be too difficult but it will be fun to see! Check your answers at the bottom of the page. Then we beg of you to leave a comment and let us know how you did. Honor system, please!

1. Where is this lazy river?Name that Pool #1

2. Where is this mountain masterpiece? Screen shot 2012-08-07 at 12.38.41 PM

3. Where is this historic favorite?

4. Where will you find this family paradise?
Disney Aulani Aquatic Play Area

5. Where is this slime-splash playground?

6. Where is this sky-high infinity pool?


7. Where will you find the largest completely round pool in the U.S.?

Photos: Shapiro

8. Where can you swim in this death-defying high rise?


9. Where is this hipster haven?

Photo: The Standard

10. Where is this mountain-lodge escape?





Answer Key:
1. Splashtopia at Omni Rancho Las Palmas, Rancho Mirage
2. Amangiri, Lake Powell, Utah
3. The Beverly Hills Hotel
4. Disney Aulani, Ko Alina, Hawaii
5. Nickelodeon, Florida
6. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
7. Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Coast, California
8. The Joule, Dallas, Texas
9. Downtown Standard, Los Angeles, California
10. Disney’s Grand California, Anaheim, California

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