While the pool at the MGM Signature probably isn’t the best pool in Vegas, or even all that noteworthy, it came to my rescue during a somewhat uncomfortable situation and I am therefore forever grateful.

We drove to Vegas from Los Angeles one November weekend, and after the looong, unseasonably warm drive, arrived at the Signature. It’s an all-suite property, two towers that sit behind the MGM Grand–adjacent to the MGM hotel and casino and just behind the Strip.

It doesn’t matter how many times I type the letter “o,” looong drive doesn’t quite cover what we experienced. Anyone who has kids and travels knows that you can be perfectly prepared—can take long flights across several datelines, 8, 10, 12 hour trips that go by without a hitch and yet, suddenly, without warning, one car ride through the desert can suddenly become a mobile nightmare.

“He’s making that face again!”

“She wont’ stop saying things from TV over and over again.”

“I’m hungrry.”

“I’m tired.”

“I’m thirsty.”

“I’m bored.”

I’m about to lose it.

And yet, once we arrived at the hotel, relieved to finally be “off the road” and ready to chill out in a spacious, well-airconditioned hotel room, we found that the property was experiencing technical difficulties. Their computers were down. We were unable to check in. A large number of travel agents and industry professionals were arriving for a conference and none of them could check in either.

The hotel staff was kind and attentive, appropriately apologetic. As the lobby filled with more and more irate travelers, they brought out waters and snacks and folding chairs. They off-loaded luggage and generally did what they could to keep everyone comfortable.

Meanwhile my sister, who was also in town with a bunch of my family , started texting me about dinner plans. Dinner plans? We hadn’t even checked in to the hotel yet. They were expecting us in two hours. My daughter’s hair was mated from the long car ride. Both kids were dirty and sticky and covered with a light dusting of flaming Hot Cheetoes residue. I could only imagine how that dinner was going to go.

When we started getting dirty looks from the weary crowd, I suggested we walk around. It was chilly back in Los Angeles, but 80 degrees and sunny in Vegas. My kids spied the pool and everything changed.

We rushed back inside and were able to retreive suits out of the luggage and after a quick visit to the lobby restrooms, were in business. The hotel staff (and other guests) looked visibly relieved that we had found a solution to our problem.

The pool is no frills, but quite nice, with an oversized hot tub (including fountains) and plenty of louging space. There’s a gradual entry, which made it feel like two pools in one. With the place to themselves, the kids ran from jaquizzi to pool, cannonballing, marco-poloing and splashing about until long after the room was ready.


It’s amazing how tired, cranky messy complainers can turn into cheerful well-scrubbed angels after Baptism by hotel pool. And didn’t I read in Parents  magazine that the combination of pool water, cholorine and Cheetoes crumbs actually acts as a moisturizer?

Thanks MGM Signature!

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