Tahoe Valley Lodge


My earliest hotel pool memory actually involved a motor lodge much like the one pictured above. It was on a 1970’s road trip from suburban Los Angeles to Utah, Bryce Canyon, and Lake Tahoe. Tahoe was last. As the youngest of three I spent the entire  trip in the middle seat, which we called “the hump.” It was a hot, dusty car. My sister and brother were no doubt sweaty and annoying, each on either side of me. For days on end.

We drove up on the lake and I’m sure, gasped at it’s hugeness as all families do when they approach Lake Tahoe. My parents hadn’t made a reservation. They were winging it. One of the first places my siblings and I saw was a motor lodge along the road, the swimming pool right out front, with a diving board and a slide. Of course in those days water slides weren’t even invented yet, but there was one of those yellow fiberglass slides with a ladder to the top, just like in a playground only instead of pile of sand or wood chips at the bottom, you landed in a pile of sweet chloriney goodness.

“Can we stay there?,” “How about there?” “Let’s go there.” all at once from all 3 of us. I don’t think we expected the answer we got which was simply, “Okay, let’s see if they have room.”

And in what seemed like mere minutes we were in that very pool, sliding down that very slide. Splashing and laughing and washing the road right off of us. It’s not like my parents didn’t give us what we wanted or didn’t treat us regularly, but just asking for something that seemed so out of reach and having it handed to me almost instantly, was nothing short of  amazing to my 7-year-old-self. I hadn’t realized until then that vacation-Mom-and-Dad were just a wee bit more indulgent and spontaneous than every day Mom and Dad. And thus my love of hotel swimming pools was born. Which is a long way to introduce this link.

But heere’s a short round up of some hotel pools in Tahoe. They sound nice. Probably nicer than the magical motor lodge pool of my youth, but  they seem perfectly delightful.


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