It’s definitely the funkiest property we’ve covered, but this Bloomberg article “An Inexpensive Jungle Retreat Perfect for the Instagram Era,” By Richard Vines, intrigued us.

Helga's Guest House, Sri Lanka

According to Helga’s Guest House in Sri Lanka: “If expecting a regular hotel experience, best look elsewhere. Thank you.”

It’s a small home/guesthouse in the Sri Lankan jungle, 15 minutes by taxi from the city of Kandy. Clean and covered in paintings, artwork, tapestries and other local color, it features special rates for artists and writers. And: “Helga’s Folly welcomes Senior Citizens with adventure in their blood, wanting more than the bland, and not ready for the geriatric ward, with an all inclusive special rate for long stays,” as well as other artistic souls.

We of course, love what the proprietress says about her pool, in the Bloomberg piece she says: “We’ve got leopards on the other side,” she says, pointing to a steep slope above the swimming pool. “They come and drink from the pool in the hot weather. We open the gate. And the monkeys – they just come over the wall for a swim.”

If you’ve always dreamed of swimming with monkeys, this is your chance!

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