Today we’re celebrating 1 year since Hotel Swimming Pools went live on June 26, 2012. Check out our ¬†poolside cake.

Swimming Pool Cake

What will the next year bring? This summer for us is filled with locations ending in ‘o.” We have trips planned already to Idaho, Reno and Haultuco, Mexico. Plus the Dominican Republic, Palm Springs and wherever else we end up swimming away from home.

We’re hoping to do more round-up and lists in the coming year. We’re still not sure we can actually name “the best hotel pools in the world” or even “the best hotel pools in Southern California” but we can probably start to call out out some of our favorites.

Keep on reading, linking and sending us hotel pool photos. We’d love to see even more comments and reader contributions in the coming months.

It’s been a great first year with so many pools left to be swum.

And if you’re wondering how we made that awesomely edible pool on the cake, here’s a behind-the-scenes sneak peak to help you figure it out (hint: Jolly Ranchers):

Melting Jolly Ranchers

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