I’m not sure I buy that these 10 pools are actually death-defying, but Hotel Chatter compiled a cool list of rooftop pools and somewhat scary swims, some we have previously covered. I especially would love to check out that often-photographed and much tweeted hanging-off-the-edge pool in Dallas (a lot like this summer’s most talked about Shanghi Holiday Inn Pudong).

Not a hotel pool, but I can’t resist sharing how cool this backyard water park is. This guy must be the best father–or at least best neighbor ever.

And of course, The Swimming Pool at Your Hotel cartoon feels like it was created just for us (or our 11-year old son).  In fact we were told our site should include occasional cartoons or infographics. Apparently infographics are all the rage. Have any relevant ideas? We’d love to hear ’em. For now this one will have to do.

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